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ProSatis is the pre-eminent choice for empowered transformations and collaborative solutions aiming
to possess expert knowledge covering Management, Business and Strategic Innovation, Coaching, Teams Development, and Systems Engineering.

ProSatis is built from the ground up with the energy for motion and the proven know-how to help our customers in developing their activities, using knowledge and experience derived from our research
and practical work.

Assignments concerning business development, management control and personal leadership to support private and public organizations of all sizes are guided by interimXmanagement, e.g. enabling eXtreme Management with the Balanced Scorecard.

Based on a firm footing in practical implementation, best-practices, financial systems and advanced technologies we provide all thinkable kinds of education collected in ProAge.Net - which is known
for full service with either open or on-site courses on almost every subject of office, development, teams, management, software or hardware.

ProSatis works in coorporation with market leading hardware manufacturers in order to achieve the
best products integrating high performance components - to the lowest possible price.
Being a wide spanned software vendor, too, we have specialized in offering complete IT solutions together with support of hardware, software and compatibles - this is ProTotal.

As one company, we operate fully professional on every level in the organization, aiming to fit any assignment with increased support from collaborating teams, and making our joint competence beneficial to our customers.

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